About us

Since 1990 is dedicated to the construction and assembly of metal structures.
We make any type of metallic structure. Our field of action covers all types of industrial buildings, sports centres, hypermarkets, civil and public building works, etc. We make industrial doors (certified according to current European standard UNE-EN 13241-1:2004).
We are prepared to respond to the demand of the market, offering quality products, always with the aim of maintaining a level of optimum service and the best possible value for money.
We have a fully technical construction system, both in terms of material and human resources, for the development of screwed and/or welded structures, which allows us to obtain high quality products, with tight execution deadlines.
The only objective is to offer our customers an integral solution to measure and at the best price, using in each case the means, personnel and the most advanced technology for design and manufacture.
We execute the designs of the structures by means of software.
We are committed to technological innovation, quality, the environment, staff safety, continuous improvement in processes and flexibility in construction.
We have a Quality Management System in accordance with the Standard
UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.
In addition, we have acquired the CE mark for the manufacture of metal structures. To this end, our quality system complies with the requirements of standard EN 1090, which has been compulsory since July 2014.

Our installations

In COMMSAL we have 7000m2 and 10 bridge cranes.
Adapted to new technologies, and the needs of the market to offer a better service to our customer.
We have an equipment of machinery of last technology that allows us an optimal manufacture.
Technified machinery:
Saw-drill, shear, oxycut, semi-automatic welding, submerged arc that allows us to make armed beams, two numerical control machines for cutting and drilling beams, plates, angles, etc ... is complemented by work through 3D design programs (Tekla Structures), a plasma cutting machine with drilling and incorporated oxycut of fixed bridge type, equipped with numerical control and high performance software (LANTEK EXPERT), our goal: adapt to any type of work.
  • Working surface: 3,100 mm wide.
  • Plasma cutting 'Hypertherm' and Oxycut 'Kjellberg'.
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 mm.
  • Max. thickness 120 mm and min. 4 mm.
  • Max. tool diameter: 80/110 mm.
  • Max. drilling thickness: 120 mm.
  • Max. threading: M36/M100.
All our materials go through the process of shot blasting (treatment of superficial cleanliness by impact for its cleanliness), eliminating this way any impurity of the surface, before going through the section of anti-rust painting, obtaining an optimal finish.
We have sufficient and adequate means of our own to face the work with professionalism, scissor and telescopic lifting platforms, cranes, trucks, vans, generators, ...
For transport we have 5 vans, 2 trucks of 3,500 kg, 3 semitrailers of 12.50 mts., 1 gondola of 12.50 mts. and extensible to 20 mts.
The two trucks incorporate a 21-ton and 30-ton crane, respectively, which facilitates the loading and unloading of the material on its own, and its assembly.
If the work requires it, we carry out special transports with our trucks.
At the time of the assembly we have elevating platforms that allow a good execution of the work, besides providing security.
Two scissor lift platforms (15 mts. and 18 mts.), and 4 telescopic lift platforms (2 of 16 mts. and 2 of 18 mts.).


According to the European Construction Products Directive and binding since July 1, 2014.

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